Copper Foil.

Double treated copper foil products, designed for enhanced reliability in multilayer printed circuit boards, are uniformly treated with JTC (copper nodules, brass and stabilizer) on both the shiny and matte sides of the foil surfaces. The treatment on the shiny side surface eliminates the need for chemical cleaning or mechanical scrubbing, eliminates black oxide processing and provides adhesion to prepreg. Elimination of the cleaning and oxide processes is especially important for fabrication of thin laminates, where handling is difficult. The stronger prepreg/copper interface enhances bond strength, increases resistance to thermal delamination and chemical degradation and virtually eliminates pink ring or haloing caused by acid attack at the interface. The uniform surface appearance of the shiny side of double treated copper is compatible with AOI inspection, both reflective and fluorescent types.

  • Higher reliability
  • Reduced Fabrication Steps
  • Availability for a variety of Applications